Friday, October 21, 2011

Take a ride on the crazy train

Halloween is now like a week and a half away. Since I have a son that is old enough to not let me get away with sitting at home with the lights off, I had to think of costumes. Do I buy? Or make? Well, I certainly don't want to fight the people in line trying to buy costumes. I'll make them. I have never made a piece of clothing. No, I take that back. I made some baby night gowns for she-devil and they came out like,...poo. But she wore them so they were ok I guess. I won't give details yet just so if it is an epic never knew the difference:)

I also have this hair brained idea that I can run a half marathon next year. It's in June. So it's in 8 months and I already feel like I can't do it. Mostly. But I've got this thing with giving up things that seem to difficult so I'm really going to try to quit sucking. Ha! I'll keep you posted on how things progress.

And remember how I mentioned that I was going to team up with my sister in law? Well, she has gotten super busy with trying to take over the world. Which means that you are stuck with Alaska. I'm hoping I can get her to participate in the Pinterest challenge occasionally. Speaking of that, do any of you want to get in on that? Either via link up, or a post? Just throwing that out there. Maybe I should wait till I hit 50 follow people! Follow!

Ok, I'm out to get some rest before I sew for the next few days straight! Wish me luck!
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Undaunted said...

I so loath making costumes. But I won't by them either. Hannah wants to be a nerd this year, Nik a mad scientist, Al a Ninga, and Sam is undecided. We shall see how it turns out. I am really thankful that my kids are getting old enough that they can't really go. :P

The Osborne's said...

I love to sew but never find the time anymore. This year my boys are being marathon runners- no planning or preparation! You can totally do a half! I just ran my first half last fall and my first full this fall. As long as you work up to 9 in your training runs you'll do fine. Good