Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ruining dinner

I've got to say that living in Alaska definitely has it's perks. One being that on any given day we can see bald eagles. Or moose. Or bears. (Bears I could do without, unless they are behind a fence)
The fam and I went down to Seward to the aquarium and saw this rotund mammal:

(long video)
It was huge. I don't know if the video gives it justice...but my gosh:) It was pretty neat seeing it do all it's tricks. Granted it had to, to get fed :)
On the way back we saw this:

This eagle was just standing on the side of the road! In the wild! We pulled over like the apocalypse was happening and it was totally acceptable...why?, because we live in Alaska! We were all trying to figure out why it was just standing there.

And this is what it was trying to fly off with:

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Undaunted said...

I expect that your eagle thought so. That sure is neat to be able to see all that wildlife. It is fun even here. Just don't get to up close and personal with any of those bears.