Thursday, November 3, 2011

dazed and obviously confused

So, we have caught the flu here. Fun. It started Saturday night with she-devil vomiting at 830-ish. None of the rest of us have had that,'s been the other end. :/ I know you were super happy to know that. I have been queasy for the past 3 days or so. And with this has come fatigue and light headed-ness, and some form of delirium.
Take for instance that I made grilled cheese last night. I didn't burn anything. In fact Matt and I were having a feisty conversation about me using the pan on the stove over the panini maker we have. Him saying it was faster and me arguing it wasn't. Of course none of this is relevant to the point of this...I just needed something to make this post seem worth reading. haha!
The fire alarms went off. Who knows I said...nothing was burning. So I opened the door and grabbed a towel to fan the alarm. (matt told me to) So I see the white thing on the wall and go over to fan it. I'm fanning and fanning until Matt says 
"honey,...that's the door bell".
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Undaunted said...

Bwwwaaahahaha! The door bell indeed.

The Osborne's said...

That is hilarious! Well, not the part about the flu, that is miserable. Hope you all get feeling better soon!