Monday, November 7, 2011

Tis the season

It started snowing here October 31st. It has snowed pretty much every day since. And you know what?


Why? Because I love sledding. You may or may not remember THIS post with my ridiculously goofy giggling. The only problem right now is my lack of winter gear. We came up in January this year and at that time I had just had a baby and wasn't exactly in the "go make the best of winter" mindset. I had moments obviously...but nothing consistent.
I've got these:

on my list of purchases. Aren't they cute? And what's even better is that Sorel advertises their products for Alaska conditions! Sweeeet! That will definitely help me since we got about 5-6 inches last night and lots more snow in the future:)

What about you? Are you as excited as a tornado in a trailer park for sledding? Or a fat kid eating chocolate cake? Or any other inappropriate comparison you can think of:)
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The Osborne's said...

Those boots are super cute! I am actually not a huge fan of snow growing up in AZ and all, but it came this weekend whether I wanted it or not. And after walking in it and seeing the SLC temple covered in it, I was glad it was here...well at least until it melted a few hours later ;)

Undaunted said...

I used to love sledding. We would go down Camel's Back Hill when we lived in Boise. (You remember, I made you hike it.) But not so much these days. I am not near as adventuresome when it comes to that sort of thing these days.