Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Operation: I'm thankful!

October 31st is the kickoff to the Holidays, starting with November.


So what better way to start November than to use:

(click HERE for download)

Every night, as a family, we take a card and write what we are thankful for and stick it in a mason jar. I should decorate it and make it super cute like Jen, but I haven't. 

See how cute hers is? She used another free printable for her lid. And since she used the cute leaves I couldn't very well copy her;)

So I've got my plain old mason jar with my thankful cards. But at least I made up some place mats and the kids made some turkeys with Aunt Sable:)
When Thanksgiving comes around the plan is to read them all and hopefully try to keep our minds centered on what the Holidays are actually supposed to be about. Thanks pinterest for your printables and thanks Jen for the idea:)

Considered this pin 'full to the brim with completeness'!
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