Thursday, January 19, 2012


Sassy pants- I'm going to be angry when I get home from school today.

Me- why?

Sassy- Because spiderman is being a RE-tard and not coming back to me.

Dad- Did you hear that everyone in the family is dying from colon cancer?

Me- No?!

Dad- yea apparently that's how your great grandmother died but Nana said it was something else. She was only 58. Your Uncle has scheduled his colonoscopy.

Me- have you had anyone play with your butt yet?

Dad- No. I need to make an appt though. I'm hopeful I have it so that I can pass it on to you.

Me- haha...that's nice.

Dad- Yea, it's the little things that I can do.

A conversation in my head

I think massaging your feet while putting lotion on works really well. I should tell Matt that. Haha...that would get him. Man, I should use this as a piece in my blog. 
I'm kind of special.
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Jen said...

I freaking love u :)

Lildonbro said...

I love it!! I'm the same way - but I never remember the inside thoughts to post. Tell Spiderman to stop being RE-tarded.