Monday, January 23, 2012

Ants in my pants

It's the time of year again when the "crazy" takes over my brain and I find myself bored. No, technically I'm not 'bored', but find myself uninspired. So when I can't shake the crazies anymore I start searching the Internet. For houses. Moving is always the answer isn't it? Nothing like packing up your life, finding a "new" and "exciting" place to take up residence for a while.

I wonder where this comes from. I lived in one place for 21 years. Then we moved to Utah. And it's been a yearly cycle since then. I can't stay put for very long before I want to do something else. I started a random series of posts about traveling somewhere diff every and here. And I watch HGTV religiously. More than desperate housewives if you can believe that! Point being...I have something in me that can't. sit .still.

This past Friday we went and looked at a house that a friend of Matt's is moving out of. I had built up so much anticipation about this being the house because it was big and had land. Well, the layout sucked and Matt really didn't want the hour+ commute every day. Back to the internet. In the smart part of my head i know it is smarter to stay where we are. The rent is good and we are able to pay down other debts we have. But I'm stir crazy and all of my other hobbies just seem so....boring.

I'll be grateful when the weather gets a little better, and I can find healthier outlets than sitting and daydreaming about going to Puerto Rico, or Ireland and ALL that would be involved in that trip;)

So friends, how do you spend your mid winter days?
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Jen said...

Its dreaming about "all" that a fun trip to Ireland would entail more then once is....unhealthy :) I agree with u though...I always get super restless usually around February. That's typically when I feel the most home sick. I think I'll probably escape that feeling this year... I've got too much going on! Just hang in there until the weather clears. U know I'm here for u. Love u!

The Osborne's said...

I'm with you. I hate physically moving, but love living in new places. We lived in 4 different houses the 4 1/2 years we lived in KY. I've spent 4 months with the inlaws in UT and finally committed to staying in UT, rented a townhome and will move in when we get back from traveling. Now we're chillin in Houston- it's like summer here and I never want to leave! When I am stuck in a cold climate though I have to say the only thing that makes me feel better is exercise and shopping ;) Good luck beating the winter blues!

Undaunted said...

I usually rearrange the house this time of year. Oh yea, just did that. Then there are the rooms and the closets and the cupboards. Hang in there, life will get crazy again for you soon enough.

Lildonbro said...

I have the same thing - I seeing moving vans and get jealous (and truth be told - actual MOVING sucks) so I figured out what it is I like about's getting rid of crap and rearranging my furniture (and buying a new broom).

Buy a new broom, you'll be fine :P