Thursday, March 8, 2012


Have you heard of Project Life? Well it has sucked me in. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It does mean that I have been M.I.A in blog land. Well, my own blog land. I still visit you regularly!
I've also had lots of things going on. My husband's grandfather has passed away, I applied for a job at TSA, reading up on homeschooling, trying to still train for that pesky half marathon, and having kids that just want to keep getting the same sickness! Over and over and over. It's like groundhog's day around here with this stupid cold!
I'm trying desperately to find some balance here. Like going to bed at a decent hour, but that's hard when the hubs and I have been preoccupied with reading the hunger games before it comes out in theatres! Woot woot! It's my second time reading it, which was good for him cause I was able to contain myself and not read the whole book in one night! Ha!
Ok, I can't keep blabbing. I've seriously got to get a menu planned and go grocery shopping! But here's a lovely picture of the girl!

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Undaunted said...

It is a wicked cute picture of the girl. :) What is TSA? Love you bunches, glad you are feeling productive.