Thursday, August 30, 2012

All you can do is laugh

So we went to the Alaska Fair yesterday. It was buddy days which means that you only have to use half the amount of tickets on rides because your friend could go for free. We met up with some friends our only friends and buddied up. It was a lot of fun and the kids all seemed to be having a great time. Mostly.

See that pitiful face? That's the face of a kid that is pretending to have an awful time. I am standing at the entrance to this ride taking pictures and every time him and his buddy came around the corner and he saw me, he cried. Turn the corner where I'm out of view, perfectly fine! I kid you not. I felt really sorry for him at first until I watched the shenanigans he was pulling. Turn corner, see mom, cry. Turn corner, see the track, smile and be happy. What a stinker.

And then my other poor son...let's just say he's not much of a risk taker. So when his Dad and I convinced him to go another ride and assured him that it didn't go up or do any weird stuff, that it just can imagine my guilt when it did this:

We both completely forgot that it did that! Can you see him? The little guy in the blue shirt with the red patch. He looked HORRIFIED the whole time. I told Matt that we needed to offer up very encouraging words when he got off so that he wouldn't be completely scarred. But you know what? He got off and had an ear to ear grin! Talk about a sigh of parenting relief! We managed to get him on this ride after:

But you can't see him because his Dad went also! That's our friend with Matt. He was supposed to ride with Mr B but Mr B's girl-that-is-a-friend snagged the spot next to him so he flew with Mike instead. Pretty special isn't he:)
And of course no fair is complete without fearing for your life on the ferris wheel. 

 She couldn't even see and knew how scary it was! 

The view was stunning though. 

So many more pictures but I'm going to try and get them on Flickr. Don't hold your breath, you know I am with follow through. I still need to get on and show you all the birthday fun that we had with a special little girl that turned 3! And her first day of school! Bah! But now I'm going to start getting a handle on my Project Life stuff that I'm backed up the can with!
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Undaunted said...

Nice job momma, way to scare your children for life. ;O It looks fun and now all your big pig pictures make much more sense.

Breezy said...

Oh, my gosh, that view is stunning!! The fair looked like a blast! In another year or two it'll be my son on those big rides!!! He looks at them longingly while his baby rides chug along!

Also, thank you so much for connecting Jennifer with me! (Don't even ask why it took so long for me to find her email. So. Ashamed.) She seems like an amazing woman with a lot on her plate! Thank you again for being a bloggy match maker, LOL!