Tuesday, August 21, 2012

so much to do so little time!

Man...my life right now is filled with tons of ideas, chores, goals, wishes and kids. As I type I have the youngins occupied in my daughters room. I do this when I need to shower or get dressed or write a quick blog post:P It's he birthday on Saturday. The big 3! Another year for her has come and gone and I think this will be our last year that the party theme is up to me. Which means that I should take advantage of the low-key aspect and keep it low-key. She has requested a chocolate on chocolate birthday cake. I think both of her grandmother's would be proud.
Aside from that (which is not anywhere near being done) we have moved! Again. We are still in Alaska (boo,hiss) but out of the city. The oldest seems to like his teacher this year which is cool. It's a guy to, so that is different. Moving. Back to point. I've got a house to put together now. We don't have any decorations and that's kinda sad. All of our personal belongings are still in Utah. I can't dwell on it too much;)
So I've got a lot of crap to do and finding a starting point has been...tricky. There's always the daily chores. Like cleaning up wood laminate floors. But I found a pretty awesome recipe HERE that doesn't streak and is all natural. Score on that.
I'm a ramblin' here. So with the brain sludge I've just deposited...have a happy Tuesday!
And because I'm still going through vacation pics...here are a few:
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 My helpy helperton

 She thinks I'm a weirdy

Momma and the girls
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