Sunday, May 12, 2013

Not your warm and fuzzy Mother's Day

Today at church my 7.5 year old acted like he was 3.5. 

My 2 year old crawled underneath the bench and ran up to the organ and played it. In the middle of a talk. 

He also emptied an entire essential oil bottle. 

I wish I could sit here and type out some inspiring, soul searching post. But I can't. Weekends are hard. Even harder when your husband is traveling, you're 8 1/4 months pregnant and have 3 other kids that are completely in tune to when you can't handle anymore...push you to tears. 

I *know* at some point that it will all pay off. The sibling fights, demanding, yelling, attitudes and all of everything else will disappear. But it is hard. Raising people to grow up to be respectable, responsible, and upright citizens is HARD. 

This Mother's Day while my husband is gone and I fought through exhaustion to keep from running away I can say that I can't wait for the day to be over. So that's my happy day message. I hope yours has been better than mine:)
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Cari said...

So sorry! I hate days like that- and they are intensified by being pregnant. I remember several similar occasions this last year (except for the organ playing part!) You deserve a medal for getting up and going to church with them all by yourself. Hope today is better!

Ninny said...

That sucks beans! I am so sorry. He missed mothers day and your birthday. LAME!!! I love you though and you are doing a divine work. Hang in there. And if you need to escape bring the kids over and do it!

Sharon Jennings said...

It is damn hard work having a large family especially when they are all young and your partner is away or working log hours.

Mine have grown up so fast, twins 20, middle son 17 and the youngest 15 I now look back and think where did the time go I wish I could go back and do it all again but learn to enjoy the time rather than being so stressed about it all.

Life is hard but we struggle through what ever it throws at us and most of us come through the other end with a smile.

Sending you the strength and happy thoughts xxx

Jessica Donbrosky said...

:( I'm sorry - that sounds incredibly rough. If it helps you feel better (and it probably won't) I remember being at church in Memphis one Sunday and this kid got up and ran on the stand, up around the back and then back down. Once his mom caught him he started bawling as she took him into the foyer. I didn't judge her at all - I was laughing too hard and the guts of the little guy and the confusion of the bishopric (they had no clue what to do). To modify a quote - Those who know it's hard won't care - and those who care, don't matter (about your kid playing the organ).

As for the rest - I have no inspiring words - just hang in there - don't kill them yet :)