Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hulk Pants

The kids have been crazy today. Granted they are crazy every day but this morning has been exceptionally bad. Since the sun is shining I decided to bring them to the park to burn off some energy in a positive way. 

Getting these little people dressed is a good 20 minute process, on a good day. It's filled with asking them to get dressed 800 times. And then when they are half dressed, asking them to finish getting dressed another 400 times.

This is the conversation that was had between me and the big sis,
"Mom is it summer yet? I really want to wear my summer clothes"
-Not quite, but it is warm.
"Mom I want to wear that, with the pink pants and...-insert gesture of pointing to her top half of body-

How I even figured out what she was talking about is amazing. It's a Mom thing. Deciphering a real-life game of clue and hoping there's nothing dead at the end.

"Mom I want to wear the blue ones like the hulk". 
-what are you talking about?
"The ones like the hulk. The pants. Like the Hulk"!
-I have no idea what the crap you are talking about! There are no blue plants! 
"RIGHT THERE! The bottoms are like The. Hulk"!

It was at this point that i realized she was talking about the pair of jean shorts that have frayed edges. Another clue figured out. Where's my prize...

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1 comment:

Jessica Rowland said...

Hulk pants - too cute. It reminds me when my nephew was younger and he told his mom he was the incredible hunk (I don't think he knew what a hunk was, so it was even funnier).