Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sorry? Or not sorry?

Oh hey! It's me again. Just want to let you in on a fairly big deal of my life right now. See this kid?

Yea, her. She's what some would call...spirited or strong willed. Maybe called demanding, spoiled. I call her a tyrant and a ruiner of lives. And I want to give a public apology to anyone that comes in contact with her. Especially small children. 
She's bossy and sassy, and she doesn't even talk yet. 

She loves babies so much that she hugs them and squeezes them and calls them George. She gets into baby fist fights with other little girls at the gym. She bites when her siblings are irritating her. She calls most of her family "mean" and then hisses at us. 
She scowls. She bosses the dog around and pulls the cat's hair. 

 But through all of that, we have sweet moments too. The big duck lips for a kiss, when it's time for bed. The hugs and giggles. The excitement to show us new things. We have the joy she brings to our lives.

And we have the dimples.

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