Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 1

We got in to our destination last night at 11pm, and everyone was settled and I climbed into bed at midnight. So when the kids woke up at 655, you could say I wasn't super impressed. I set them up with a tv show but that didn't last long at all. But being who I am, I threatened them with death and went back to bed. 40 min later I look out my bedroom window and see my aunt and kids at the pool doing something. 

Really. 8am at poolside. 

I can't even. Lol. We've got a pool to use. 

And tents to play in, complete with dolls and campers. We have obviously come to a resort. Kids are so much work. Even with things to entertain Much. Work. 

By 10am (after we had pancakes with chocolate chips/white chocolate chips, blueberries, whipped cream and sprinkles) the kids won and convinced is to let them go swimming. 

The 3 younger kids only tried to drown themselves 800 times. 

After a few hours of swimming and lunch I locked them out of the pool. 

Later in the evening we were able to attend a single adult fireside. It was rather hilarious since I thought it was a young single adults activity and maybe my sister could meet someone. Ohhhh we met people. But it was a fun time. 

We met Al "Fox" Carraway. She was an excellent speaker. I've also decided that I need to fake smile more so I don't look like chewbacca. 
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