Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer time travel

Kids are out of school now and I love the freedom it brings. Not crazy about the constant bickering, but the freedom, yes. Since my husband works so hard for us it means he's not home for a bit. So to Arizona we go. What a long trip. And no trip is complete without at least some random pictures of the insanity. 

Car selfies are the most important! 

Not wasting any of the fast food that came in the car. 

Wet wipes are a fashion accessory. 

 Rest stop energy burning. 

A few flash floods are always exciting! 

We were excited to see some elevation changes after nothingness. 

And apparently driving is exhausting. Or not getting sleep. Or listening to kids be nuts. 

More not wasting food. That one was scary. 

In the end it took us 15.5 hours from our pit stop in Utah. We are here with my gracious Aunt, enjoying the scenery and warm weather. Kids were outside and wanting to go swimming at 8 this morning. So, off to be busy. 

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