Sunday, August 9, 2015

The clock is ticking

It's Sunday evening and I'm sitting on the couch with swollen ankles. My poor husband has been down with a stomach bug all day and we didn't make it to church. I fear that these last few weeks of being alone after he returns to work, are going to be a challenge for me. He was very much here in person today but wasn't any sort of physical help. I've got 7 weeks to go being pregnant. Feels like an eternity. 

I wonder how much bigger I'll get. 
My back grinds and my sciatic is in full swing. I really sympathize with people who deal with this on a constant basis. It's miserable. 

I've received the kids homeschool curriculum. I'm not panicking yet and I'm sure I should be. Who wouldn't with a stack of teacher manuals this big:

Maybe because I've gotten a confirmation that I really should be doing this, is the reason for my calmness. I just wish I could be calm in all aspects of my life. 
Beautiful girls. Crazy that very soon we will add another one to the photo. 

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Jen said...

your girls are beautiful….I can't believe how big P is getting!

I'm TOTALLY freaking out about homeschool! i think the realization that public school starts next week and my kids aren't going has really hit home for me…this is really happening! but you've already done that part before…so I'm sure it wouldn't hit you the same way it has hit me :)

love you! you look great! i'll be praying for you these next weeks. and you know where to reach me :)

Jessica Rowland said...

I'm so behind. You're pregnant! Getting closer if it hasn't already happened. Hope things go well!