Friday, January 8, 2016

Remember when...

I have been married 11.95 years. I have moved 16 times. Who does that? Is this my real life? I do believe it is. 

This time I have landed in Dickinson, ND. I have been being prepared (is that even a phrase?) for the last 13 months. We moved from Alaska to Coeur d'Alene ID with the thought that that is where we were going to stay. So we did everything we could to prepare ourselves to get a different job so Matt could quit traveling and we could be together, like families should. 

Last year was one that was full of trials for me. Living right next door to family was a blessing and a curse. I got pregnant with our fifth child and that was a roller coaster of an event. I got the flu and so did all of the kids, while Matt was gone, naturally. My sister moved in with us and that was an event. I always have the struggle with my kids, and can think of at least one very vivid memory of asking God "why me". 

I've also learned how to let go, and to be patient. I still have a VERY long way to go with this but I know I have made improvements. 

So now I am here. In North Dakota. All the efforts we made to stay in Idaho or go to Utah or South Carolina were all for not. There's a plan for us in this Podunk town and I plan to record as much of it as I can so I can fully appreciate and see the Lord's hand in my life. 

Experience 1- getting my license and speaking to the woman helping me and she tells me her husband was born in Laconia, NH as well. She is from Germany and met him in the military. Her brother also shares the same birthday as Matt, even the year. 

Experience 2- meeting our new Bishops wife and the crazy way they were brought to this area. Reminded me of our trip to AK...with only a job and no plan. She also said that they have been praying for solid families to move here. 

Experience 3- the kids getting into the same elementary school right down the street when we were told multiple times it probably wouldn't happen. 

I know these don't seem like much, but I feel it's significant. We are here for a reason. Even if that reason is just for our oldest to say that his new school is awesome because no one likes the Seahawks :) 

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Ninny said...

Glad to see you blogging again. I hope ND Is good to you. Are there lots of people there? How far are you from a temple? Love yer face lady!