Sunday, January 10, 2016

Being of one mind

Today we went to our new ward. It's a nice building, newer than the one we left. I got the overall theme that we are not the only ones that don't know why we were brought here. Both speakers spoke about their journey to this fairly desolate state. Sunday school was about Nephi and his family being told to leave Jerusalem, and while our move here isn't quite as drastic I am able to see parallels. Then in Relief Society there were many women that talked about trying to find joy and appreciate being here. 

This move isn't as bad as I was expecting, actually. I think living in Alaska cut most of those teeth, so to speak. What a trial it was to live there and now when I look back I miss it greatly. I forged great friendships there and grew up a lot. 

I have a desire to speed up that process and get friends quicker. But with my personality, and lack of time without kids...I'm not sure how it will go. 

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Undaunted said...

Don't discount building friendships with the kiddos around. They are a great icebreaker and play-dates are a place where you'll find commonality and comradery. It was when I had the littles that I formed some of my quickest and strongest friendships. Miss you all bunches.