Friday, January 22, 2016

No poo and potty training...not even related

First. For some reason lately, I have been browsing beauty pins on Pinterest. Teeth whitening, wrinkle creams, hair tutorials. I'm not usually like this. Last week I found a "miracle cream", that was only on super deal for one more day. It was early morning (Matt woke me up when he left) and I was obviously not awake. So I ordered it. Then I googled this product that I just ordered and found out it was going to auto ship and was a pain to cancel. Awesome. But I got it figured out and cancelled and that is done. But tutorials on using products I already had wouldn't hurt. I give you the "no poo" method. Which is a funny way to say no shampoo. This is not my witty's a Pinterest thing. You use baking soda as a wash and vinegar as a conditioner. I don't know how I feel about it. I washed my hair on Tuesday? I think. My hair feels heavy. And has static. The tutorial said that the first two weeks is a transition for your hair to balance out its own oils. I don't know if I'll make it that long. 

This week I have started to potty train #4. The first two days were rough. Seriously. If I wasn't so sick of changing poopy diapers I would have quit. That and she started going like a champ on day 3. We still haven't had a successful #2 in the toilet, but it's gotta come right? Yesterday she was so hyper. I couldn't leave her alone and if I did she was getting into something. I'm sure I have felt this with every kid, but I feel like none of the others have been this busy. 

This morning she hasn't disappointed. She got into the peppermint oil. My sinuses were cleaned out just handling her. Because naturally, when you get into oils you have to rub your eyes. 

Oh the wrinkles :((((( Where's Pinterest....
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Ninny said...

Look at her smile! I love her!

Undaunted said...

She's going to have a good, clear system with all the oils she gets into. ;) As to the wrinkles. They are my life and geranium oil helps.