Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday's are one of my faaaaavorite things -cue Julie Andrews voice-

I honestly can't believe I'm about to write this....I am finally starting to love Sunday's. -gasp- -choke- -faint-! For ever and a day, Sunday has always been a dread for me. Not that I don't like going to church or any of that, but there has always been so much pressure I think, to "not do anything" besides nap. I know I'm not the only person that has felt this way. But somehow, our Sunday's have morphed. And I like it. We visit, play games, listen to music or watch short videos off the Mormon channel on YouTube. It's like the one day a week that I don't mind the chaos that 5 kids brings. The playing is quieter and the older three actually play nicely. 

I just And it's amazing. 

I am also so looking forward to warmer weather so I can pick a spot and catch the sunsets. They are amazing. 

Also, this baby is such a sweetheart. Turns out that my body decided that it didn't need to make quite enough for her, so I've had to supplement. It has actually broken my heart a bit. I'm not sure what happened. I eat plenty, and drink nothing but water. I'm hopeful to gain some understanding on the matter, but I know she's getting what she needs now. 

And I will say that essential oils are no joke. This kid bashed his face like nobody's business and I put helichrysum on it and it's basically healed. A-ma-zing! 

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Ninny said...

I love Sunday's too!