Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I love the office and how I can use it in my life every day!

There was this one time that my sister decided not to wear any sunscreen. Do you know what happened?

She wrecked her face. Flaming red. Couldn't close her eyes, or open her mouth. She had to eat ice-cream for 3 days. And even then she got it all over herself because the spoon just smashed her face. LOL. It's like this:

I really wish I could find the super funny clips from the office to explain this to you. But, I can't. Boo. But she burned bad. 

Do you see how white that girls teeth are. It's the contrast. She blistered and her skin looked like a lizards. I have never been so amused or pained for a person at the same time. I am pretty sure she will never do that again though. 
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