Monday, July 25, 2016

When you're a hypocrite

Once upon a time I was driving home with all my kids in the car. I went down a hill to a four way stop, texting my husband. I saw a police officer across from me, and then put my phone down. I was first at the stop so I turned right. The cop did also. And THEN I texted my husband to tell him to hold on because there was a cop behind me. 

And then the blue lights came on. 

Do you know what it's like to be pulled over when you have kids with you? Your own kids? It's a really fun experience. 

Lol, so the cop comes up to my window and tells me the reason he pulled me over is because he saw me looking down and what looked like, texting. You know what I said? (because CLEARLY he was right) .....pause...."ok".....

I felt like Michael in one of the office episodes when he says...."yesh"

And the the cop asks me if that was true. And do you know what this church going, preacher of all things TRUTH and righteousness said?!?!?!?


Who does that?! Instead I told him that I was playing with my music. 

He asked for my license and registration, of which I had none of. None. Holy crap. Hot mess without the hot anywhere in sight. 
So he took my old insurance card and the application for a title for our car and went to his cruiser. He came back and told me to carry my license with me all the time, and put the necessary paperwork in my car. Oh, and to pick a better time to play with the music in my car. 

I went home and was overcome with so much guilt. So much, that I called up the police station and told them that I lied. I'm pretty sure the woman on dispatch chuckled. She took my phone number and said the officer would call me back. 

He never called back. He probably laughed all night though. 

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Riah-Riah said...

Oh M, I totally needed this. You are too funny, and so similar to myself. Thank you for sharing this!

Chris and Brittany said...

This story is amazing!!! I miss you.