Sunday, July 24, 2016

Six months

We celebrated our six month anniversary of living in North Dakota by giving our landlord our 30 day notice to move. 

I couldn't really tell you. I don't hate it here and to be honest, when we realized that we were moving I've been pretty sad. I have grown quite fond of the 'nothingness' that sums up this state. I love our Temple and it's workers. I love the sunsets. I love the thunderstorms. 
I joked with Matt back when we were only here a few months that I was going to pretend I liked it here so that Heavenly Father would move us quickly. Did I really accomplish that? I mean, I bought a t-shirt that had a picture of ND with tree roots coming down, signifying that I had roots here. But did that really set the stage for all of this? 
No, I doubt that a t-shirt alone did that. It certainly was a big step for me though. I wasted no time in getting pictures on the walls, and trying to get involved in our ward. I didn't complain about living here nearly as much as I expected, or had done in the past with other places. 
It's been a weird transition here. I haven't met anyone here that's looked at me cross eyed, or offended me in any way. 
But we're moving. 

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