Friday, December 30, 2016

An end and a beginning

I've got some new ideas for myself this coming year, but first, a recap of what 2016 has been like.

-We moved to Dickinson ND from CDA, ID 
-I changed the way our family ate for about half the year. Basically plant based. 
-Jen and her family came to visit us in February
-Stacie and the kids came to visit us the end of March
-Sable came in April before she started school in Rexburg
-I drove the kids and I to California 
-We saw the Redwoods
-We went to the Strawberry Festival
-The kids and I went to Avila beach to the petting zoo
-We went to Nik's high school graduation in June
-We watched the fireworks from a hill in Dickinson and it was awesome
-We got soaked in a massive rainstorm
-Beckham got his foot smashed when he tried to help move our black hutch
-Finally sold our house in UT
-moved to UT
-Sable moved in with us
-Went paddle boarding and almost all the kids were scaredy cats
-Kids started school at Maria Montessori
-I sarted school with BYUI-pathway
-Erin came to visit us
-Matt and I saw Needtobreathe in the pouring rain and it was also awesome!
-We brought Nik to the MTC-he's serving in Virginia
-Fall foliage drive on Nebo loop
-Hiked up North Ogden Divide
-Pulled Caitlyn out of school to homeschool her
-Corn Maize and pumpkin patch
-Young Living oils farm
-went to NH in October/November
-Went to the Temple with Emery
-Matt's parents came for Thanksgiving
- Beckham had eval. done for ADD-surpise, he has it
-Finished my semester with a B+ & an A
-Took a random trip to Idaho with the girls and got mega sick. First time vomiting in 13 years
-Matt's parents came for Christmas, and got mega sick

We did quite a bit this past year and I'm glad I take pictures to help me remember it all because I sat down to write this post and forgot a lot of it. 


I want to be engaged in my life more. I need to figure some things out as far as stress and anxiety that I have. Serious problems there. So that's a priority for me. If I can get that in control I am quite sure that I can regroup and not be afraid to do things with the little people.  So what do I expect to happen in 2017...

-Caitlyn will hopefully decide to be baptized
-Beckham will get the priesthood and that means Temple trips with him
-I want to go to the national parks in southern Utah
-Go to Kelsey's wedding
-See Jen

I should have some personal goals I think, but I haven't gotten that far. I do know that I want to quit social media and use this blog as a platform for me. So there you have it. I'm hopeful for 2017 and the changes I'm going to make for myself that will help me be a better person to everyone around me. 


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