Wednesday, January 4, 2017


So, I've got some mental health things that definitely need to be worked out. That isn't new. Stress gets to me and I find myself anxious over very small things. Some things are worth being anxious about. Like my kids education. I always want the best (who doesn't) but sometimes I miss the mark completely because of my hardened opinions at the time. 

It started in Idaho. I found a private school to send the older two to, but it got real expensive real fast. 
So I tried homeschooling. This would have gone ok if my oldest wasn't severely allergic to doing anything by himself. That made it impossible to do anything with his sister, so she went off to public school which ruined his life. So off he went also. 

Moving to North Dakota gave basically zero options for anything except public school so they finished up there and it went well. Except of course the bullying that went on towards Mr. B. 

Now we are in Utah again. And I'm making this super long with insignificant details. I'm sure to become a professional  Anyway, we are here now and there have been multiple schools, not of the public nature, that I checked out. I finally settled on a charter Montessori because it's a fantastic way to teach. Except when the school still has to report to the state to get funding...and then it's not a true Montessori anymore. We had more bullies, and butting heads with teachers. So I pulled Miss C out to home school her. And we had more issues with rotten kids with Mr B. The home schooling was inspired. I know it was. I just wish I had asked for clarity when it came to what the plan was really supposed to be. I racked my brain for over a month to try to figure out what the right thing to do with these kids was. 

There's a whole lot more details that went in, that I don't need to get into, but seeing this whole thing unravel to the point we are at now is quite weird. I feel like some things could have been skipped altogether to streamline this process. We have ended up with both kids at our boundary elementary school. I have heard that their teachers are the best in their grades. The office staff are super friendly. 

I admit that this is the first time I have felt peace with where we are at and for that I am so grateful. There are still some situations to be maneuvered but if I can just start asking for clarity now, I think it will be a better process. 

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