Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I am full of it.....

I am blessed. 

What a crazy thought that it. There's been so much I have been through, either alone or with the kids and others and through it all I can see the light. What a gift that is. 
My life still isn't perfect and I don't believe it ever will be and that's ok. Sometimes I feel like it's not ok, but I guess that's where my faith comes in. I am full of gratitude and I can't even tell you why. I'm just full of it. 

I think it's the silly gratitude journal I've been diligently writing in. Nothing grand happens in my day to day life, but writing the small things is truly giving me an appreciation for all that I do have. 

God loves me. And he is incredibly merciful. What a gift. 
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Jill said...

You always were full of it ;)

Ninny said...

Gratitude is MAGIC! It seriously changes everything.

CathyAnne said...

That is beautiful Meggan ❤️