Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I cannot deny

2017 continues to be a year of faith over everything else. My sweet sister lost her baby in the early morning hours today. It was unexpected, as it always is, and created more holes to be filled with Faith in our Savior. 
I read the text from my mother at 5 am. A little before 6 I offered up a prayer that angels would surround my sister and hold her up. I named a few relatives specifically and included my sweet Matt. 

Ten minutes later, at 6 am, my four year old wakes up crying. Considering the news I had just received and her waking up an hour and a half before normal, I was annoyed. I got up and had her go pee and asked why she was crying. Between sobs she said "I want my Daddy". 

I got her back into bed and climbed into mine. Paige wanted her Dad right after I asked Heavenly Father to send him to my sister. The veil is thin. 

"And when we cried unto the Lord, he heard our voice, and sent an angel"

I have a solid testimony that death is not the end. 

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Undaunted said...

The veil is very thin. So grateful for that knowledge and the faith to rely on our Savior. I pray your sissy can find him too.