Monday, June 2, 2008

I made it to Monday....

Well I think I have a better outlook on life...for the moment:) Of course I haven't seen Mr. M in 3 that's kinda sitting wrong. But he's on his way home at some point tonight. Yee-haw! So what did we do with ourselves you ask? Saturday Chris and Dad Cat went golfing...big news to everyone! B and I....we went to Lowe's a picked up a gas can for the mower because I needed my own. I don't think I put 2 gallons in the stupid thing and it cost me $7.41! Holy shoot! Craziness. Later in the afternoon Chris, B and I took a gander out to the bird refuge in Brigham City. There were alotta birds...go figure!

So we're cruisin along with the plastic windows zipped out and our windows down enjoying the scenery and we stop to take a this one:

And all of a sudden...we see mosquitos coming in. And I'm not talking 5-10 mosquitos....I mean SWARMS! Like so bad you can see them as black clouds on the side of the road! They ambushed us! All we could think wa sthat we were going to catch the plague...West Nile...Malaria...gosh! It was so bad. I guess I should just be thankful that they thought sucking on the canvas in Chris' car tasted better than us...take a look

Hence the title of this post:) the rest of the trip was with the windows up(the ones we could roll because we dared not stop the car to put the back ones in) and going 25 miles an hour...which doesn't sound fast..but on a one lane, washboarded dirt's plenty fast! But on the way out and clear of mosquitos we caught this picture of a hawk chilling on the power lines.

So that ended our journey. It was amusing to say the least:) So till the next time....
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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

I am glad you made it to Monday. Life would be a lot more boring without you around. :P Enjoy getting your husband back. Love Ya, Stacie

marcus said...

Hey meg thanks for the uplift. I will definately take you up on your offer. Any time your are welcome and chinese sounds great. Your are probably right my bro's and dad will come up hopefully or I may just have to come down but you and beck are always welcome any time. Matt too LOL. Chinese is a weekness for me by the way :)

B&KCATS said...

Hey Meggan
I am going to try this again... your blog is good...hope you get this. Love, Mom