Thursday, May 29, 2008

I don't even know....

Greetings from land of the living dead! I'm not sure why I start blogs. I can never keep up with them! lol. Kind of like my journal, I get in the groove and then...done..kaput..finito! So here I another feeble attempt to keep readers entertained:) It has been over a month since my last post. What has happened. Oh! I went back east to my Boppa's funeral. That was flipping fantastic. Nothing like resenting my move to Utah like that. But I did, and he passed so what really can I do? But on the flipside of things, we had a wonderful visit with M's grandparents who are very alive and kicking:) The hubby and I both had a few moments where we missed very much our visits that we used to have. Just another reason to move home...

Other than the constant reminders of moving home, I think M had a nice time. It was really quick though. The services were Monday and he left Tuesday morning. He got to play some "Rock Band" with my brother I-man, so the trip was not a complete loss:) I played photographer outside with my Dad and B. They went up into the pit and threw rocks into a pool of water. B picked up some that were about as heavy as he was!

To add some more joyfulness to this post, I took over 400 pics on my trip back.
So when we made it down to Jen's I knew I was going to take a bit more. So I went into good ol' Wal-mart and stuck my memory card into the slot and downloaded the pics for them to make me cd's. Picked up the cd's....they looked legit....deleted all of the pics off my card. I got home...and 2 of the 4 cd's don't work! Talk about really, really, irritating someone! So more than half of my pics no longer exist. Which brings me to this next point. I'm not shopping at wal-mart anymore. Because of the pictures incident AND I'm sick of buying things originating in Mexico, or China. American made is more expensive, but it's AMERICAN MADE!!!!! Wow I'm an angry soul today...hahaha.

And with that. I think that's all I have for today. SoI hope this was as enjoyable for you as it was me...:) Have a fantastic day!

I was able to salvage my pictures
from some software I bought....
All is well now:)
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Jen said...

She's an angry elf... :)

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Hey Lady, Don't be to hard on yourself. :) Change is not easy and you are going through a lot right now. I love you, I am glad you got all your pictures back. It has been rough for me transitioning back into real life and I still "get" to go to my moms for almost 3 weeks. Yea me. Oh and sleep in a tent with all of my kids too! Don't you wish you could come? :P Love you, Don't give up!