Friday, February 13, 2009

Mr. Hyde

Well I have successfully completed one week without Matt home. I have to say this has been the toughest week I've had with my son. I'm not sure who this new child is but he better bring back my sweet, helpful, cooperative son. Our days alone and evenings before bed have become something that you would see on Super Nanny. It is really sad and I feel absolutely helpless and clueless on how to deal with him. So this week I have tried Frank's hot luck. I've tried lemon juice....but when he asks for not a good one. So I have picked up my 1-2-3 Magic book that my Aunt has sent me. I am going to figure him out.
As far as the pregnancy goes, I am feeling better sick-wise. I'm still quite exhausted half the day. If I don't eat a snack by 10 I'm ready to eat a cow. It's quite annoying actually. Being on the verge of passing out isn't fun. lol. My stomach is getting moved upward so I look like a pudgy person. Kills me. I think I will have to buy maternity pants by the time I see Matt again. Ahh fun.
I put this video on here buut I don't know how to rotate it the right way...sorry. anyway. I've got some pictures to show when I get my act together and upload them. lol. So till then,
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Katrina said...

hang in there, this to will pass and enjoy it while you have it they grow up to ya mom

Matt's Blog said...

I love you so much. You are the most awesome wife. You are an amazing mother also. He is just testing you. Your doing a great job Meg.