Saturday, April 25, 2009

Big Boy happenings

Well I have to say this week hasn't gone by as fast as it usually does. Matt attributes that to all the work we have been doing and keeping ourselves busy. Whatever it is I'm glad. :) Today is our last work day. And It's a pretty busy one too. I was able to buy a wood twin bed for $50.00 off so that was a highlight! We picked up the paint...a light blue to go with the quilt I'm making for his new big boy bed. So the point of all this is that we are painting today. The computer is now in or front living room and it looks quite nice I'd say. Matt put in cat 5 outlet for the internet and switched out the can in B's room to a he so awesomely puts it "a boob light". lol. So as this is a work in progress I will post some pictures for you:) Oh and as a side A gave her Dad the pleasure of feeling her kick:) So that was pretty exciting:) are the pics...

half of the "boob" light

B "helping" :)

what we did with him when he had to be "done helping" lol...he's locked in...

Matt so clearly ecxited to be painting:)
Ok. so till I put up some more pictures....have a good saturday..we are:) lol
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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

I love the "boob light", Marc would have said the same thing. B is going to do great in his new room and you are going to appreciate have the new babe across the way. :) It is a wonderfully light room and I can't wait to see the quilt. There is nothing like being kick by the new little one. I loved it, that was my most favorite part of being prego.