Monday, April 20, 2009

burn baaaaby burn

Oh the fun people can have when there is yard work to be done! Lol. It has been a productive day around here. Matt trimmed up the lawn with the push mower and weed wacker. I pulled up the jungle that was out back in our "garden" area. Mopped the floors, cleaned windows, vacuumed, laundry,(that I folded) washed the car, and we're still not done. Well....Matt's still not done. I'm just about pooped beyond belief:) But now it's dinner and I have to cook. -sigh- So here are some pictures from the days events.

Are these buds? like going to blossom this year buds?

Before the blaze of glory... :)

during the inferno :)


our pretty lawn after a professionals touch:)
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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Your yard looks so pretty. Those are defenetly lilac buds. :) Yea! It will be very nice to have that back area cleaned up. Nothing like good manual labor to wear a body out. :) Love ya

Katrina said...

Hey guys, glad we suprised you this evening, your yard looks great and you all looked great too. tired out after working so hard on your yard all day but good work. Love ya....