Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday funday....

This is what I am doing

That's about the excitement I've got. Oh and Dr's appt on Wednesday. I get to have my butt played with...please please...don't be jealous:) It's my GBT test. She also mentioned something about "checking" me too. So I guess this is it....let the awesome invading of the personal space begin:) I the time I have the baby I won't care...and I agree. But it still takes some getting used to of having a Dr stick her hand in, a little too far, of a place it doesn't belong:) Lol...I'm glad this post is s personal today:) So other than that...I'm not sure what else the week holds. My MIL said something about me having to help pick blackberries this week. Theya ren't quite ready yet...but should be soon. Ok. Enough talking and wasting precious cleaning time:) Till then,

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The Fletchers said...

Me too...with the cleaning today. And grocery shopping cause we have no food. And we've got Corinthia here for about a week and a half so...that should be fun...hope she doesn't get bored...I'm not that interesting :)

I'll try to text you later

love always,

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Oh the joy! Oh the wonder! that comes with cleaning our homes. I just did the dishes myself. Woohoo. Love ya

Katrina said...

Well girls I also cleaned today too, got that kitchen floor done and the dinng room one too and did laundry all day. Meg I figured you were cleaning... and leaving me to mine...:) look for you tomorrow..
Love you all

msnhascat1 said...

Meg I feel for you too. I get to spend my day cleaning as well with stacie in school. I got laundry while I let her do the dishes. Today I will clean the rest of the house today while she is gone LOL.