Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ohhhh donut sticks!

My husband and I were in Wal-mart the other day doing some grocery shopping. We went down the snack cake aisle and were talking about tasty I mentioned to him that I liked donut sticks quite a bit. Fast forward a few days and we need milk...because apparently we should just buy a cow. I don't ever remember going thru milk as much as we have been lately. Probably because I've been wanting to eat nothing but cereal:) Well after I get him to run out to the store, the next morning I get in the fridge and there's a donut stick sitting there:) It's got a cute little note on it. I thought it was really I left it in there to perhaps enjoy later. Well later comes and I take this cute little stick out and start thinking about the note. Leave it to a fat pregnant woman to turn something really sweet into an insult... :P I thought to myself "self, know you're a fatty when your husband leaves notes on donut sticks"! It made me laugh...all day in fact. But just the same this little thought of kindness made me love Matt more than I already do:) Even if he is a putz:P

And here's the latest fatty pic. I'm at 35 wks and 2 days. My back is really achy today. And I have a Dr's appt at 4. But anyway. Hope everyone has a good day. I will be hiding where it is it is supposed to be 100 tomorrow and Friday. yuck. So till then,

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The Fletchers said...

LOL Its nice when they do things like that because it's so few and far between :) But if they did it everyday then we'd take it for granted :)

Erick held my hand and told me he loved me ( more than just 'yeah i love you too dear' this time) because I got scared on the ferris wheel this last weekend :) wicked small gesture but meant alot to me:)

so don't turn it into and insult :) He actually listened to you and then did something to show u he loves u. it's sweet :) take it at that

love you

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

I can't wait to see you for a moment this weekend and talk to my newest neice. :) You really look great just ready to have a baby. Matt is sweet to remember you that way. You are a blessed lady. :D Love you

msnhascat1 said...

We try ;p Its hard some times but always worth the effort in the end. Say high to my bro and B for me