Tuesday, July 14, 2009

When it snows tomorrow...

Well today has been AWESOME! So awesome I thought I'd share the awesomeness!!!!! B and I puttered around the house for a bit this morning and then headed over to the in-laws for our usual afternoon lunch/visit. Lunch was good. K asked me if I'd be willing to go do a DI run with her because she has boxes that are filled with...let's say...less than valuable things. :) So we tackled the garage to get more boxes with filled "awesome" things:) Well the last time that we endeavored this together, my son saw Grampa's model train and has had eyes for it ever since. But it's a Christmas train...that will only come out at Christmas! That doesn't compute in a 3 year old's head....for all he knows,....xmas is tomorrow! So...lol...trying to put it in more 'understandable' terms, I told him when it snows he can see it. So...now..."Mommy, we can see rampa's train when it snow's tomorrow"! Yes B...you wait for it to snow tomorrow:) And I'm really not sure when he woke up and decided to be a crackhead everyday...but it's wearing me out. :)

So...now we come to the second part of my "awesome" day! Are you ready? And I'm probably going to burn at the stake for complaining publicly about my husband.,...but I guess I'm willing to risk it:P Matt works at home now. He works 10 hour days...which exhaust him. So he's home by 5:30 and by 8 is passing out wherever he may be sitting. I don't mind that. Even though it is like conversing with a zombie...at least he's in the room and I can see him. He has a new calling at church. He's the Elder's quorum secretary. He's a home teacher. He's also made up his mind that he wants to be a "1" instead of a "3"...which I really am happy about. But it takes him away....generally not too long. Tuesdays are gone with him now. Wow...I'm rambling...I'll just get staright to the point...lol. The point is I expect Matt to be home by 530 like every other night so when I get calls of him telling me that he won't be home because he had to take his boss/friend to the hospital .....I'll be honest...it peeves me. And on top of that he has EQ/home teaching! So I'm angry...or irritated(because that makes me sound less stupid...lol) and when I get home(bc i ate dinner at his parents bc I thought he would show up too) he tells me "Meggan, you , B, C, and I have the rest of our lives together". lol. REALLY! That's what I want to hear...is that you are too busy having a bromance with your friend(also the one he watched UFC with...to have his Matt Time) and I shouldn't worry about it because we are set in that dept. Thanks hunny! Well fine....you don't care about the time we spend bc it's infintisimal to what we have left...then go drop off this application, and fax these pay stubs...AFTER your meeting! -sigh-

He thinks I only act this way because I don't have any friends...and he would never get mad at me if I did want to hang out with them. And he thinks I can't handle him being away...guess what...I did it when he was traveling didn't I? lol...He asked what the real reason was that I was mad....because I can't really be upset I'm not spending time with him....what is it? You can't handle B? Thanks again hunny. Glad me wanting your company is because I'm a nut-job and can't handle our son.

Well...-chuckle- now that I've let out more than I should have. And I'll post this and feel bad. But this is the 88th post and I'm not sure I've complained yet. We'll see how smoothly this one goes. So till then,

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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

lol...I know it is inconcivable, but Marc and I have issues like this off and on. I know you are frustrated and I am sorry prego brain/emotions get in the way of coheriently expressing your frustration. :P Just keep at it the best you can, pray for guidence or a large stick. :) Love ya

The Fletchers said...

This is your first complaining post...and I'll be honest and say I'm glad for it :) At least I'm not the only putts who thinks her husband is a complete moron sometimes! ( and then proceeds to tell everyone in her blog!!)

I love you and miss you!

(ps- i think mine was still slightly worse then yours...at least u didn't say all your husband was good for was a paycheck :)