Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Here's an update from the long lost pregnant woman! Not much new to report anyway. The sun has been blessing/blasting us with it's rays. :) The Catanzaro boys are here for a visit and it's put a spin on activities:) My boy has been a little on the hyper side. But other than that...not too much is new. We had FHE on Monday. It was fun...we were going to go to the park, but it's a little of a drive for the one we wanted to go to, so we decided not to. Instead we finger painted. Matt was ok with it....but he decided it would be worth the activity if he used the finger paint in other ways:) The pictures will explain...if you haven't figured it out:)

One of my lillies in full bloom:)

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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

LOL! I bet that was fun! I am sure there are days when you feel like you have two three year olds. :)

The Fletchers said...

Matt was having a little fun painting B huh? :)

Don't let Erick see those pics, he might call social services on you :P

love and miss you tons

Katrina said...

HOW cute... oh my goodness, what fun. Beckham your lucky to have a dad as a big kid too... it looks like it was the best time in the whole world for you. Love Grammy