Tuesday, August 4, 2009

37 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok...so YESTERDAY was the official 37 weeks!!!! So now I'm over 37 weeks:P Not much new and exciting. Just patiently waiting for the baby to get here:) B tells me yesterday, "Mom, I'n sooo esited(excited) for my new sister"! Good buddy! Because your life will be turned upside down:) As will the rest of ours. Anyway. Kristen comes in tonight. It will be nice to have more of a distraction around here for the last few weeks. But that's about all I've got to blab about today. Next Dr's appt is Thursday. Wish me luck:) Till then,

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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts! My cervix is happy, my cervix is happy! LOL Try to get out and about and stimulate Miss C to get her little hienny out here and say hi. :)