Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Summer has picked up a bit lately. Aunt Kristen has been here with her kids and Miss Hannah has blessed us with her presence:) I have to say I have welcomed the change of pace:) These last 2 weeks of my pregnancy are still going slow even with more activities so I can only imagine how much it would have dragged without it:)
Wednesday night we went to the rodeo at the Golden Spike across the street from our house. It was fun:) B enjoyed himself...but like any little kid he was a trooper for a good hour and then his attention started to wander:) It was nice weather which I was SUPER grateful for. We missed the Pioneer Days rodeo because it was just so hot...so I'm glad we were able to go to this one.
This past weekend everyone went up to Idaho to visit Marc and Stacie in their habitat:) Needless to say this family stayed home:) While it would have been alot of fun to go see them...Matt and I got alot of stuff done around the house...which was nice:D
Yesterday the ladies (and Devin and B) went to the aquatic center for a few hours. It was fun. I think we all had a good time but were definitely tired by the end of the day! I'm still tired today. B didn't wake up till 845...and neither did I:) So today we are hanging out at home because the others have gone to Lagoon. It would have been good to go but, 1) no money and 2) not sure how long I would have lasted! Oh well:) So here's some pics and a video from our adventures! Enjoy!


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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

What a cute picture of H and B. :) She sure is an adventurer, jumpin' off the high board. LOL

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Prego brain wearing off...The garage looks great! It must be a relief to have it done and orginized. :D