Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Fall....sort of:)

Happy Fall everyone! We are officially in the season...but Utah hasn't figured that out yet:) As I type it's about 80 degrees out..phooey! Not too much exciting going on around here. We went up to Idaho this past weekend and visited Marc and Stacie. B and his youngest cousin had an awesome time playing together. They didn't fight like cats and dogs, so it was very nice:) Stacie has pictures from the weekend on her blog.
Miss C turned a month old on Friday! How crazy it is how time flies by. She is changing every day. I think she has bulked up a little bit in the last week. And she is practicing her smiling:) I get them very rarely compared to how hard I try to get one out of her:) But it's all worth it to see her mouth do that weird crooked, gumless, face contortion:)
Our realtor gave us some tickets to a fall farm bonanza thing:) We went a had a pretty good time. B went down this ginormous slide thing a few times. His last round up he turned around at the top and went back down! Matt and I were like...uhh what's he doing? So I walked around and looked and they had it so you had to climb up a big rope net thing...and he was playing on it! Oh he's a dork sometimes:) After that we went out on the tractor ride to get our pumpkins! It was fun and B really enjoyed himself! So here the pics from that and our pumpkins on our steps:) Till next time,

way too bright out here mom!

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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

How fun! I love the pumpkins and your cool weather is coming 58 degrees tomorrow. Already coming in today! WooHoo! Marc wore a sweatshirt to practice. :D