Saturday, September 19, 2009

non-professional photo shoot :)

Hello all my furry friends:) What's new and exciting in your worlds? Not too much new here. We are still slowly getting used to having a new bundle of love in the house:) It's been better this week. I have managed to get up and dressed and have some sort of a schedule before 10:) Exciting I know. Miss C is over 3 weeks old now. It's hard to believe. It's even more hard to believe that I see pregnant women and think to myself..."awww i want to be preggo again". What is wrong with women that, after just having turned our woman-hood into a train wreck, we can still somehow get that newborn baby itch? It's messed up! Anyway. Well the 'get out of the house' excitement this week was a 'wish i was a photographer photo shoot' :) Go me!!! lol. So here are some of the field trip:) Enjoy!

The plans for this week you ask? Not a whole lot. We are supposed to have some cooler weather which will be awesome! The in-laws leave for New England this week...wish I could go, but I haven't lost my brain that much:) And I think my little family is going to go to ID and visit the other half of this psychotic family :P And some more 'mock' photo shoots:) So till then,

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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

LOL. More babies! Can't wait for you all to come for the weekend. We love having you all. Glad to hear you are making progress at getting going in the morning. I still have issues with that. :D Love ya