Sunday, December 6, 2009

6 years

It's officially the Christmas season! Goodness:) We had a very nice weekend. It started out normal, hanging around the house in our sweats, but we ended saturday night with a trip to Salt Lake to see the lights. It was gorgeous. Words really can't explain how pretty it was. We have been here about 3 1/2 years and this was our first trip downtown to see them. How sad is that! But we took the train down because we thought Mr. B would really enjoy it...and he did:) He was the conductor:) It was very cute.

I'll have to say that I'm quite sure winter is officially here was COLD! It had snowed earlier in the day, not enough to do any real damage, but enough that it stayed with the cold weather. We bundled up the kids the best we could, and I think Caitlyn was the warmest one:) She was in her baby tai on me under blankets. When I took her out of it to eat she was very toasty. We had a wonderful time:)

And to the title of this has been 6 years today that I have been a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. How amazing is that! It was really neat for me to have this anniversary be on fast Sunday this year. I was the only one that was able to make it to church today and in doing that I enjoyed the very sweet Spirit of my new ward. It reminded me a lot of our branch in NH. There wasn't 10 or 15 minutes in between testimonies, and they were so strong with the Spirit. I was so moved that I even got myself up out of the back row and bore mine!!!! HOLY MOLY!

I'll reiterate and expound on what I said and what I would have said if I wasn't a blubbering fool! :) I'm thankful for my membership in this church, the blessings it has given me in my life. My family, my self worth. I know without a doubt that I am 'somebody' to my Heavenly Father and he IS watching over me. I'm thankful for this humble ward we are a part of right now. I'm thankful that my Savior Jesus Christ laid the way for me to realize the path I needed to choose in life and help me on it. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and hope that you can feel the love that I have felt today throughout this season. :) Much love,

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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Proud of you Meggs. That's a long walk. :) Your not supposed to make me get teary though. :P Goob. I love ya, sorry you son is a sicky. Hope he get on the up end of things soon.

Katrina said...

Merry Christmas dear daughter.... your a wonderful daughter and our Heavenly Father is so happy with you. Love ya, and hope Beckham feels better tomorrow.

Jen said...

Wow...part of me wants to give you a smart comment like "make me gag" but....really, I'm proud of you. I can't believe it's been over six years since we were riding around in my little red jeep debating about whether you actually felt the spirit or not. And now your getting up in front of large groups of people, and even posting on very public forums like blogger, your testimony. That's big Meg, good for you :) I love you, and congrats.