Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This and that

It's the third week in December. It has snowed and been super cold up until this week. I have been studying and researching photography, web design stuff, and figuring out how to work Abobe. I will say that my brain is tired, but I'm loving it. Life is so much better when you have things to keep you busy:)

Miss C has been a riot this week. She is perfecting a new "screech" that she's figured out she can vocalize:) It cracks me up. I don't remember laughing at B like I do her, but I was telling my preggo sister that I think it's because I need the comedy relief from the stress of my 4 year old!

Yesterday was full of productive-ness! My MIL and I (and a little help from B) made some fun Christmas food. She found a recipe for soft sugar cookies. So we made some up.

yumm-o! They were soft and were quite close to the cookies at walmart with all the fatty frosting on them,...you know the ones I mean:)

We only had one casualty batch!

I had the pleasure of making my FAVORITE cookies ever. I thought they were some awesome secret family thing, but after looking on the label for calories, (these are 192 by the way!) I saw the recipe right on back. So go buy some white chocolate bark(my personal fav) and whip up a batch:)

Merry Christmas!
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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Way fun, can't wait to do some more holiday baking of my own. :) BTW, you might bold your text as it is kind of hard to read against your dots. :) Love your dots though. Keep up the good work. Love ya

Katrina said...

It was fun and we have more to do.... so rest up. :)

Abbie said...

Hi Lady!
I'm so proud of you! :) The kids look awesome! and your words on the previous post almost made me want to join the church.. ok, well maybe not to that extreme, ;) but it is so nice to know that you have found a family that cares so much and has lifted you up so well. We all need to be lifted and loved. I got a small package out to you guys yesterday.. nothing too much as we are giving a donation to the TTCC in lew of lots of 'stuff' this year. I hope you are well!