Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I was going to update this thing with a new recipe...and a tutorial on how to make a super-hero cape, like the one I made for B. But it's late and I'd like to get in bed before 10:) So instead I'll just put up a few pics of what's been going on lately. 


 I took some pics of Miss C and her Daddy. Before I grabbed my camera she was looking at him so cute. Like deep into his eyes telling him the mysteries of the world. But go figure...I grab the camera and she quits. Such is the life of a mom trying to capture "moments". 


If you are asking yourself "did you guys really let him do that"? The answer is yes! Why, I don't know. Because he thought it would be fun. And he did have a blast until he decided to try it on the bigger stairs and chin-planted! lol. He was ok...just scared him...for about 5 seconds and he wanted to do it again. 


I made him this cape today. I was finally able to find a king-silky pillowcase at a thrift store today. I went to two yesterday and they had maybe 5 between the two of them. I told my SIL that if I went to Savers(the thrift store) and they didn't have anything I was going to move in with her...just to shop at the thrift stores. The traffic that we get in these is less than par:) 


We went to our wards chili cook off on saturday evening. These are Matt's eyes after preparing some onions to go into the chili. We should have won. And I'm still a little butt hurt that we didn't. Oh well. Better luck next time:) Alright my merry weather friends. Till I get ambition to log some recipes,

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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Beck is soo classic! LOL I was wondering why you hadn't commented on my name post! LOL I think it is halarious that you thought Nana had been poaching you email. :)

Jen said...

I love all of these pictures:) That last one of Matt is awesome:) I HATE cutting onions...for that reason :)

Katrina said...

Love the pictures, and Beckham I am surprised you hadn't tried that before now lol.... all little kids have to try it once. I know your daddy did. Matts onion eye are great, don't we all hate to cut them. Caitlyn loves her daddy and she is a sweety. Love you guys.