Sunday, March 28, 2010

I don't have a quirky title...I'm sorry

Mr. Cat took off his son's training wheels on his bike this weekend. It was interesting. I have to say that movies make showing your child how to ride their bike so much easier than it actually is. It was not a magical moment where we held on for 10 feet, let go, and he was off to ride into the sunset with his new-found glory. It was more like holding on, the whole time, straining the bicep and panting while the child looked off to his left completely not paying attention. I told him he needed to feel his balance and not let the bike tip. So he say's "Mom, I feel it...I feel it". And when he got tired of trying to ride he said he was going to let his bike relax. Good idea dude. 
Our baby is trying to clap her hands. She raises them above her head and smiles, and I feel bad leaving her hanging so I humor her every time she does it and clap my own hands and then hers. She also has mimicked me rocking side to side on my chair while feeding her. I was singing a "yummy yummy yummy" song to her while doing it. You can purchase this song on itunes for $5.99. So now...when she is just hanging out she takes to rocking side to side while performing her own rendition of the "yummy" song. It has got to be the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. 
I had a conversation with Mr. Cat about how to turn women on. I really had no advice to give him except it's more psychological with women. He voiced his opinion by telling me that that took far too long. "I could be rubbing your back all night". I told him to google it. He did. And in a rather amusing attempt to get something going I could hear some sad romantic jazz music coming out of his iphone. LOL I cracked up instantly. When that song was over, and more sad renditions of jazz love music that sounded like elevator music came one, I told him he had to switch it. So the next choice was some late 80's early 90's love songs. Makes for an interesting night when you've got the soundtrack from Dirty Dancing trying to get you in the mood. 
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Jen said...

hehehe...dirty dancing:) that's awesome:) You should try some dirty dancing...that might put you in the mood:)

Love you :)

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Music is fine, but I found a man scrubbing a toilet much more of turn on than romanic jazz. ;) LOL

Katrina said...

wow... girls nothing to say here....