Thursday, March 25, 2010

Have you ever spent like your whole day sitting in front of the computer? Doing things that get you completely sucked in and you just can't stop...only long enough to make sure the kids are happy, fed, changed(if need be) and quiet? I have. Does this make me a bad mom? Don't answer that! 
Is anyone else so attached to their spouse that they start to completely unravel if they are 15 minutes late from when they are usually home? 
Am I the only one that really wants my kid to know the basics of reading and spelling and math and know that it is really easy to do a little bit each day and don't? And the see other kids his/her age that are learned in those things and feel like a terrible person because instead of teaching I sit on the computer all day?
Anyone else go to church and get completely uplifted only to have it crash down and burn the next day? 
Needless to say I'm feeling these things and was wondering if I was the only one?

*I don't stay on the computer all day, but I'm on it probably more than I should:/*

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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Some days are just crappy like that. Nice thing is that tomorrow is a new one. :) Hang in there.

Jen said...

We're all guilty at some point :) lol just make tomorrow a better day :) love u!

Katrina said...

Yes... yes... and yes.... been there and all I can say is tomorrow is a NEW day .... things will get better Meg... take it from a person who knows... and when it does you will be looking back at these days and saying "where did the days, years and time go" Love you....