Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Penny for your____

Yesterday was interesting. To say the very least. We had a good day. I tried to find a double jogger/jogging trailer at Kid to kid. I had no such surprise since it is Spring and everyone wants to get out! After that short trip we went food shopping. I switched it up and went to a different Wal-mart Riveting I know. BUT...on my way our of town I saw our Winco on 12th looking good and almost ready to open!
look at it! :D

Anyway. Afternoon went as usual. Mr. Cat went to workout with his foreman from work...leaving me to tend to the kids:) I can't complain too much since he worked out:) OK. Kids in bed. Chris and I watching Beck. I hear my son, what I think is fooling around, in the other room. So I get up ready to yell and send him back to bed. He's in the yelling. I ask him what he's doing. "I'm going to go poop", and he's got a hurt puppy dog look on his face. "are you ok buddy"? No answer. "B are you ok"? Still no answer. So I get a little huffy and tell him to go poop if he's going to go. So he sits his butt on the toilet and I go in and turn the light on for him. He's sitting there....
And then he says:

"a mviohg went down my froat". 
B:"a penj went down my froat".
At this point I chuckle because I think I heard him say a 'penny' went down his throat. 
Me: "say that one more time buddy".
B: "a penny went down my throat".

Yes...I heard him right. I had to stifle back my giggling because he clearly is very concerned about what he just did. So I say "so you swallowed a penny and now you're trying to poop it out"? B: "uh huh". 
Well, he certainly had the right idea. But I had to let him down slowly that it wasn't going to come right now and that he might have to go to the Dr's. lol. And then he got the lecture of the whole thing. I wasn't at all harsh and he started bawling. Poor kid. 
But all seems to be well in the world today. He even told me he couldn't go to the dentist because he swallowed a penny. Nice try!
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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Yea Winco! BTW what happened to your background? Your not going Suprematist on me are you? (That is white on white, called art.) Anywhoo. Glad it was a penny and not a pin. :) That requires mommies checking the poop to make sure said pin passes. LOL

Katrina said...

My goodness my dear are really getting into some real messes as of late. Stay well my little one and no more Pennies down the belly. :)
yes it is getting ever so closer to having a Winco in town yea

Jen said...

:) Man that's awesome. I have a feeling I'm gonna have to worry more about stuff L's nose then down her belly :)

LOVE The background and header:) Did you make the background?