Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Angry Elf

I'm an angry elf. Don't ask why...because...well...I couldn't tell you the answer. People are just super irritating lately. No one in particular...just the race as a whole. lol. Just one of those weeks where I am praying fervently for Mr. Cat to get a job in Alaska so we can all move to Anchorage and be done with it all. But that won't fix the fact that my son is driving me to want to drink. So I could just leave him out for the polar bears to get. :) But then there's the fact that all my friends babies seem to be faster at things than mine. Yes I am WELL AWARE that all kids are different...but I KNOW I'm not the only one who compares. It's not doing me any good...comparing. Probably just making my blood pressure go up. That and wondering what is going to happen with my life since Mr. Cat is looking at unemployment in June if he can't get another job before then. And wonderful Obama isn't doing jack for this country so the unemployment rates are still up which makes it much harder to get hired because employers are able to be super picky. Actually...I take that back...he is doing jack. He makes it better to be on unemployment making 30k a year than helping people get off their fat *expletive* and get jobs. Ok, I think I'm off my rant....maybe. I hope everyone else hasn't been attacked by the angry elf's. :)
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Jen said...

Don't lie to me and tell me your fine and then write a blog like this. :) Gosh! I'm not retarded you know!

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

The sun that is coming will help. :) Start taking A LOT of vitiam D3 it will help. Like sun in a bottle. I hope you have fun at the movies tonight. I love you. :) My angry elf week hits in about 2 weeks, so talk me out of it then, okay? LOL Buck up, maybe a rabid squirl will come and take B out. ;)

Katrina said...

Love you Meggan... this to will pass.