Friday, April 9, 2010

Simple Things

The weather finally was decent yesterday. So the kids and I wandered out for a bit. The sun felt good. I've been in a funk lately and the little bit of warmth did me some good. My spirit was lifted. Of course I took the camera out with me because the sun was out and I really haven't been overly interested in pictures I thought I'd dive back in. I've uploaded some Easter and ones from yesterday --->HERE<--- 
My son got some sidewalk chalk form the Easter bunny so he has been a drawing fool. 
It's really cute how primitive little kid's drawings are! He has been using monsters and people as his interest lately. I was particularly interested in how this one was going to turn out...because it was me:) 
Here we are! Dad and I. Dad has no hair and a head the size of a bean...and I have an overly large head am shorter. Ha! Love it! 

I managed to motivate myself to sew a little bit after being outside. It felt good. I've got three projects going on that have been on hold because I've had to cut(which I despise) or the seams have been off so I've been ignoring it. This is what I worked on. I have to get over the fact that it's not perfect and just finish it right?  really need to relax and quit being such a perfectionist with things that don't need the stress. -sigh-
Anyway. This weekend is looking kind of eventful. Our ward is having their Easter party tomorrow because something with the church being busy two weekends ago. So I've got that to go to. Mr. Cat is working tomorrow, so it's me flying solo...with some kids:) The weather is supposed to be nice so hopefully we can spend a good portion of it outside. But till then,
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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

I love your portraits. :) B pegged you to the T. LOL I am not suprised that you have the bigger head, he spends most of his time with you. ;) I am looking forward to the nicer weather myself. Just keep an eye out for those rabid might get lucky.

Jen said...