Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reading, sun bathing, and more reading

Hmmm...where have I been? Well....I've been trying to soak up some sun that has finally decided to shower us with it's warmth! That and laundry, and reading. My poor kids have come down with a cold and Miss C is taking it a lot worse than her brother. Not a big shocker since she can't communicate her aches and pains...nor blow her own nose:( Last night was less than pleasurable for all involved. So hopefully she will recover quickly. 
I took the camera out to capture the beginnings of spring around here. 

My brain has temporarily vacated and I have forgotten what this is called. I do know it...just not right this second:) I'm also reading the Chris Stewart series and I just finished book 3 of 6 today. I have been borrowing from my in-laws and they are on book 4...hmmm. I may have to go to the library for book4...because they are a little on the slow side;) Other than that not too much new. We head up top Idaho in a little more than a week for my nephews baptism. It should be a good time. We will also be celebrating his belated birthday, my cute nieces birthday, and maybe mine:) So till then,
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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Hycenth. Although I am sure I spelled it wrong. :P They are lovely pictures. I am sorry the kiddo's are sick. No fun that. Love you