Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Playing in the treehouse

We got out of the house today. Thank the Lord! The weather has still been a drag around here and it can make you go crazy. I see the sun has decided to shine for a few minutes as I write this post...mocking me. :) Yes, we got out. My friend and also primary president had some free passes to go the Treehouse Children's Museum in Ogden. It was fun. I wish I had gone a long time ago cause it would have made this winter less....well just less. I might have to save some money and get a family pass. They had a lot of different "rooms" the kids could play in. I'm sure I would have loved to go there when I was a kid. It reminded me of the one in NH. I can't for the life of me remember the name so if anyone reading this does...help me out! They've got the big bubble thing you can stand in the middle of, and the grocery store...I'm thinking it was near Meredith? Help! :) Anyway...we were there for almost 2 hours and I'm sure we could have stayed much longer...but babies have priority. But I definitely want to go again...soon. I uploaded pictures from today --->HERE<---
In other news....we went on a drive on Sunday. I was almost shot. For taking pictures. This is one...
This angle required...some innocent fence climbing. The fence may or may not have been posted with a no trespassing sign. In any case...a burly man came running out and looked less than pleased. He asked me what country I was from...being the quick witted person I am...I instantly knew why he was asking such a question. He was wondering if I could read the sign that may or may not have been posted on his fence that I jumped over. So...I was only able to capture a few pictures. It crossed my mind later that I should have asked him if he knew that it was Obama land and he needed to share. I think I most surely would have gotten shot...so it was good I didn't:) Yes, I am a law breaker. Sad I know. But hopefully I will be a famous photographer someday and this picture will make me millions and then I can go back to him and "share the wealth". 
Till the next,
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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Glad you had such a great time. Beck sure looked like he was having a ball. :)

Jen said...

That is a great picture...glad you didn't get shot :) The other one is good too, very interesting subject :) And the children's museum looks pretty cool! I'll pitch in for a pass if we can use it together when I come out! It looks like it has some different rooms then ours does:) Ours has a pyramid with sand, and a news station that you can see yourself on tv :) I love those kind of museums :)

Abbie said...

Damn woman! You are crazy!! Come out here, we'll go take some pictures and swap seats. (I'll drive the getaway vehicle first.. you take pics, then the next stop, I take pics, you drive.. ) We'll just have to tell the kids to 'stay down' in the backseat. :) lol!!
Very nice shot, most def worth it.. not that I have a thing for old buildings or anything..
:) Abbie

Niki Kuplin said...

Childrens Museum in Meredith ;o) The place you went to sounds way better though and, the one in Meredith is a pit now! LOL